Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Our second official book review in on its way...

by Fábio Souza

Hi everyone, are you doing well? I'm fine, thanks for asking.
Well, I was wondering these days : "It would be a good idea to change the topic for a little while and talk about a product". It seems that someone at Packt Publishing heard me, and, to incentive myself, they invited us to write a review of a new book .
The topic is hot: Webcenter 11g. As you all know (I hope :)) this is a strategic product that arose to compete in the Enterprise 2.0 market.

The book is:
Web 2.0 Solutions with Oracle WebCenter 11g

I'm very excited to read the book, but I can already tell you some good things about it:
- Vince Casarez is one of its reviewers
- It covers all the product's main points (installation, environment setup, custom applications, and so on)
- There is a Oracle WebCenter Spaces Overview

I hope to be posting the review soon!

Ahhh! I almost forgot (kidding, I was planning it) to say that our big friend and also architect master, George Maggessy, helped the writers with his WebCenter knowledge.

See you!