Saturday, January 5, 2008

A new year with a new face

Hello everybody!

I can not think of anything better than a complete makeover to start the new year. And just because I can't do that to myself, it doesn't mean I can't do that to my blog. So I did it!

That's right. As you may notice (at least if you're already a reader) the look and feel is quite different, hopefully for the best. The blog now fills almost the whole screen which gives much more space for posts. I also adopted a more clean style, with a white-predominant background.

Some useful tools have been added at the upper right corner:

Now it is much easier to subscribe to all the amazing content posted here. It's even possible to receive all new posts directly into your e-mail. Ain't that just great?!

At last, and certainly not least, another huge improvement or, should I say... the final touch: now all blog's feeds are being redirected to FeedBurner. This means widely compatible, comprehensive and automatically disseminated feeds. Click here and see for yourself.

Well, I'm pretty happy with the blog's new look and improvements. I hope you all like it as much as I do.

May we all have a fantastic 2008 and... keep reading!!!