Sunday, May 20, 2007

JavaOne 2007... I was there

by Eduardo Rodrigues
One week late but... never too late.

Yes! I went to JavaOne 2007. And it was great! People (lots of) from all over the world were there. The most important players, the men behind the curtains, they were all there.

There were too many sessions for a single human being to attend to. So I had to filter them hoping to choose the best ones. Of course my filter wasn't very accurate all the time.

I focused my interests in the following subjects: web 2.0, JVM's performance and monitoring, mobile and SOA. Of all sessions I attended (an average of 4/day), those which have enriched me the most were on web 2.0, performance and monitoring and mobile. I wasn't so lucky with the SOA sessions I chose. One was too comercial and the other was too boring. A pity because that's a subject in which I have great interest. So let's skip the bad parts and stick to the good ones...


Keyla Maggessy said...

Great blog, Masozinho! I'll be the official language reviewer and George the technical one. =P